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BALART SUBIRANA, S.L. is a family business that for three generations has been dedicated to the distribution of fruit and vegetable products.

Our beginnings go back to the sale of the products harvested in the orchard of the grandfather Felipe in Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Montseny).

Today we have become a company that has not lost its family character, and despite a large portfolio of more than 800 customers covering activities as diverse as restaurants, bars, schools, nursing homes, dining halls, small Fruitties … has not renounced the principles and values ​​that created it.

Our business culture leads us to prioritize fresh KM0 products.

That is why we have reached agreements with numerous farmers in the Eastern, Western and Maresme Valleys and collaborate with the PRIVATE TUTELAR AGRARIA FOUNDATION.

Our headquarters are the Polígono Ametlla Park in L’Ametlla del Vallés, where we have the most modern refrigeration facilities, a large fleet of refrigerated trucks and a human group of 45 people.

We also have a specialized team, both in the safety of our workers and in the selection, quality, hygiene and sanity of our products with all the necessary legal permits.

Our mission is to constantly satisfy the expectations of our customers through a personalized service, adapting to the specific needs of each one of them.

Our final goal is to make our products reach the maximum freshness and flavor.

We do not offer excuses, we give you answers. In our company there is only one reality: “TODAY”.

We offer a comprehensive management solution in fruits, vegetables, 4th Range and Gourmet services as an integral part of gastronomy.

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