Historical evolution of the company.

We are a family business that has been operating in the fruit and vegetable sector for 3 GENERATIONS.

” 1st Generation: In the first generation was founded the company that in its beginnings realized works in the field (of “Pages”) and the distribution of products to the Market and the Housewives.”

“2nd Generation: In the second generation has remained faithful to the origins, especially in the treatment of customers from trust, respect, affection and collaboration. In this generation and according to the growth of the business and customers, a Store-Warehouse of own production is opened and in addition it continues collaborating with other “Pageses” directly and also we complete our offer of products in the central market (mercabarna), for its later Sale to the Housewife, Shops and Restaurants.”

“3rd Generation: In the third generation we remain faithful to our principles and continue to grow in our business, therefore, our business base has focused on the management of the Warehouse and Distribution of our products Pages (called Km 0) and Of the central market (mercabarna), all of them first quality. In addition, the gourmet range of hospitality products is created in this generation.”

Nowadays it is not easy to stay in a global market so competitive, both in products and prices, even less after the great crisis of which we are still struggling to get out.

That is why, looking at the journey of this humble company from its origins to the present, I can only thank my father, the founder of it, and all the sacrifice, effort, dedication and work that he and his team of person have developed, and that for so many years which have accompanied us in this adventure.

Our Founders

Josep Subirana