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Customer Support

Our customer service will assist you with any questions or queries you may have. In addition, if you are already a customer, you will receive daily offers directly from our team of professionals who will gladly attend to you and personally communicate the best daily price of our products.


Our commercials team will attend you in any need that may arise, doubt or question about our products or even those that would be to your liking. In addition, if you are already a client of ours you will receive punctual visits and at times you indicated with the news and offers that might interest you. Our commercials are professionals with a great experience in the sector and are at your complete disposal, to serve you and to your satisfaction.


Our logistics team will assist you in the timely delivery of your orders as agreed, delivering the corresponding delivery note and taking care of any return for whatever reason and prior revision thereof. Our carriers and logistics team are professionals with a great experience in the Sector and are at your complete disposal, to serve you and to your satisfaction.

Daily Offers

Our sector offers a system of prices that vary daily, our customer service team will communicate directly to your representative or person indicated the prices of the day in order that you can place your orders with the best offers and prices on the market.


Our professional and high level professional management team will solve any questions you may have regarding invoicing or management of delivery notes, and will be at your disposal for everything related to payments, returns and accounting management of our products.


Our gourmet team, expert in high-end products and innovative gastronomic solutions, will work alongside you in order to seek the excellence of your dishes or even for the best development of your gourmet selection. We resolve your doubts and provide solutions in an increasingly competitive gastronomy.

Experts in
Fruits, Vegetables, 4th Range and Gourmet

We are professional experts in Fruits, Vegetables, IV Range and Gourmet selections, we have more than 3 Generations of family business, satisfying our clients and collaborating with them in all stages and processes related to our business and the fruit and vegetable sector.

Our great team of professionals will take care of you as if you were one of us. Contact and you will understand !!!.

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